I an endlessly grateful to Derek Bianchi, without whom this album wouldn’t exist, and whose great writing, playing, musical judgment, engineering and (especially) commitment and vision have made it what it is. Certainly, this album belongs to Derek every bit as much as it does to me.

Big thanks also to Libby McLaren for essential and flawless playing, singing, arranging and vocal coaching, and for helping me stay focused on finding and telling the stories in the songs; to Shira Kammen for her beautiful playing and arranging, to Jaimie Bianchi for banging the tambourine; and, of course, to Paul Weiss, for writing (and building) bridges, for his playing, and especially for 40 years of selfless friendship and encouragement.

I am grateful as well to the many friends and family whose support and encouragement helped bring this project to fruition. Too many to list, but all y’all know who you are–thanks and love to you all.

Special thanks to James and Luke Goodall, Alan Perlman, Kathy Wingert, Tsukeyune Yamamoto and Collings Guitars, whose wonderful acoustic instruments grace this album.Cover photos licensed from Shutterstock with art direction by Annaliese Tassano Photo Arts; additional art and layout by Kurt Lighthouse.

Special thanks and respect to the U.S. Army National Guard, Piqua, Ohio.


I am incredibly fortunate to have had the support of so many friends and family members in making "Visitors."  I am humbled by my good luck, and am grateful to you all! 

Special thanks to:

  • Derek Bianchi, for studio mega-magic and unfailing musical judgment (again); for tirelessly editing, building and rebuilding the mixes; for great playing on Devil (that was fun!); for Rocket (Best. Pooch. Ever.), and for his friendship, wisdom and endless support throughout both my albums

  • Ed Johnson, for again shepherding me through with incredible arrangements, breathtaking musical knowledge, incredible playing and limitless patience

  • Cary Black, for the beautiful, sensitive and diverse (not to mention funky) playing and flawless musical judgment that pretty much make the album what it is, and for helping me complete the album’s title song

  • Mark Ivester, Libby McLaren and Loryn Barbeau, for rounding out the band and adding layers upon layers of musical depth to the songs

  • Happy Traum, for his kindness at Frets & Refrains, and for his graciousness in saying yes to my chutzpadikah request that he play on the album – what an incredible honor to make music with him!

  • John Worley, Kris Strom and Marty Wehner, for great horn playing and giving the album some soul

  • Paul Weiss, for his unwavering friendship and support, for his encouragement when I doubted this project, and for his wonderful playing and co-writing

  • Alan Perlman of Perlman Guitars, for his friendship and for building the unique and wonderful “C” 12-string guitar heard on this album

  • And to Viv and Rena, Jonathan Rosenfeld, Mathias Masem, Kala Maxym and everyone at California Coast Music Camp and Frets & Refrains

  • And, finally (of course), to Richard Brandenburg, for his clarity and constancy in always keeping our work focused on serving the songs, for his wonderful voice (both on the album and in offering thoughtful and spot-on counsel and direction), and for being a fine producer and a dear, dear friend

All songs © 2016 by Howard Simon, except:

  • “Antonia,” lyrics by Howard Simon, music by Howard Simon and Paul Weiss

  • “Visitors,” lyrics by Howard Simon, music by Howard Simon and Cary Black

  • “Tomorrow is a Long Time,” by Bob Dylan; copyright Special Rider Music

  • “Sweet Little Mystery,” by Tom Cunningham, Neil Mitchell, Van Morrison, Graeme Clark, John Martyn and Marty Pellow; copyright Kobalt Music Publishing America, Obo Blue Mountain Music Ltd. and Chrysalis-Music-Ltd.

Rights to “Tomorrow is a Long Time” and “Sweet Little Mystery” secured through Easy Song Licensing by Legacy Productions, Inc.

Cover photographs by Annaliese Tassano Photo Arts; additional artwork by Rena Simon-Igra; layout by Kurt Lighthouse

Produced by Richard Brandenburg

Recorded, edited and mastered by Derek Bianchi at Muscletone Studios, Berkeley CA

"Visitors" is dedicated to the memory of Jacob Igra, M.D. (z’l)



There are many people I want to thank for the guidance and generosity of spirit that has made this album happen.

First, I have been beyond blessed to work with extraordinary musicians.  I can’t say enough about Cary Black’s lyricism, sensitivity and intelligence on bass, and his honesty and good nature in guiding a neophyte through the process.  And Ed Johnson is simply amazing – his limitless musicality and inventiveness as a player, singer and arranger made me shake my head in wonder a thousand times.  And to all the others who have been kind enough to lend their talents of this album – Libby McLaren, Blaine Sprouse, Judi Jaeger – thank you all!

Thanks also:

  • To Derek Bianchi, not only for his amazing recording skills, but also for his musician’s ear and saint’s patience. He did magic things in the studio, and graciously rolled his eyes at my naiveté only when (he thought) I couldn’t see him

  • To Paul Weiss, for 30 years of committed friendship and wise counsel (and regularly calling bullshit on me), for some slick slide guitar, and for giving me the courage to push this project far beyond where I thought it could go

  • To Dr. Krzysztof Izdebski, Ms. Loryn Barbeau and Mr. Lee Strawn for helping me find my voice – literally!

  • To everyone at California Coast Music Camp – where the long-germinating seed of this album finally found fertile soil. Go CCMC!

  • To Alan Perlman, John Greven, Judy Threet and Kathy Wingert, the extraordinary luthiers whose beautiful instruments grace this album, and to Alan as well for his friendship and generosity over the years

  • To Vivien and Rena for their support and indulgence as I disappeared – first into the Cave and then into the studio – to rehearse and record

  • And especially to Richard Brandenburg, who in just a year has gone from teacher to mentor and from friend to family. His commitment to this project never faltered, and his clarity and judgment about what best serves the songs never missed the mark. I could have had no better partner on this ride, and I thank him from the bottom of my heart

All songs © 2014 by Howard Simon

"The View from this Horizon" is dedicated to the memory of my parents (z’l), Laura Nyro and John Martyn – inspirations all, and all who left us too soon.